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Apple Boxes come in various sizes and are useful for all kinds of purposes. One important function is to help get actors to the right height. Depending on the angle of the camera you may need to raise an actor so the shot has good composition. Below are some fun movie facts

about actor heights.







































Humphrey Bogart was 5' 8" but he was concerned that audiences would notice that he was smaller than Ingrid Bergman, his co-star in Casablanca. In some scenes, Bergman was told to slouch down on a sofa - with Bogart sitting on extra cushions - to level up their heights. The 1940's film noir star Actor Alan Ladd (5' 6") would sometimes stand on a box to appear taller than his female co-stars. Other tricks of the trade were to make actresses wear ballerina shoes in scenes next to short actors and tall leading ladies would sometimes stand in specially dug trenches to shorten their film image. Studios would also build different sets and film short actors in the sets that made them appear taller - using shorter door frames for example. The main trick, of course, is for actors to wear lifts in their shoes. Bogart is believed to hold the record, wearing five-inch wooden blocks in one film.