"Why fall in love with a broad you can trust?  That’s like reading a book you already know the ending to."


We had a great time at Paramount Studios looping the background voices for various sequences. We met at the Technicolor ADR/Looping studio for a few hours to lay background texture to our own version of Hollywood 1947. In the clip you will see us doing shout outs (one liners that are shout out individually and may be included in the busy street outside the window of the detective office or in the Mexican village scene), walk by's (when the voice actors walk by the microphone to give a sense of atmosphere and move-ment), group scenes (small groups in the bar ,drug store or village) and we also recorded some narration and re-recorded some dialogue that was difficult to hear during shooting. Our Loop Group session was great fun. Adults acting like kids in the world of imagination and play.